Some good reasons to choose Arezzo

Several Tuscan cities and towns are internationally well known. However Arezzo is not one of them. Why is that? Some argues that the decline started after the Medici family of Florence conquered the city back in the 14th century. However, the Florentines did not manage to destroy our good look, our happiness and creativity. Lots of the ancient buildings had been protected and renewed and many commercial and cultural activities restored. Nowaday we think Arezzo is one of the most valid city in Tuscany, and this is why.

Who comes here, loves it!

Accordigly with a recent report of Travelappeal, Arezzo is the best liked city in Tuscany, more than Florence and Siena: tourists appreciate our city for the cleanness of its hotels and b&b, the welcoming experience and ITS POSITION.

Actually I could add that, in my opinion, another reasons why tourists like Arezzo is that everything is cheaper. Forget about the overpriced ice-cream. Here food, wine, boutiques (etc…) are reasonably priced and the quality is as excellent as everywhere else.

Arezzo is calm (but full of local life)

You go to Florence, you go to Siena and what you get is basically a touristic horror movie. Parking places are expencive and far away, you cannot just go out for a beer because the places are overcrawed of other tourists (probably already drunk…it’s their holiday too after all!) and a pizza costs 30€! It’s ok if this is your kind of holiday, if you are young with a group of friends or if you are just loaded. But if you do not fall in the previous categories maybe Arezzo is better for you. You are not going to have problem with parking the car, the pizza has a normal price and you can find a quiet spot to have a drink.

That does not mean that this city is dead, it means that it is just out from the touristic madness. In the city and in its surroundings there is actually several restaurants, pubs, wineries and discos. Ask us for any information or follow the official website of the city .

Its position

This is something we have already spoken about before, but allow me to be more precise.

  • Arezzo is more or less one hour away from Siena, Firenze, Sangimignano, Volterra and Montepulciano
  • It’s closed to mayor natual sightseeings: Chianti Classico, Crete Senesi, Lago Trasimeno and the national park of Casentino
  • It’s on the highway A1 that connects Rome, to Florence, then to Bologna and arrives in Milan
  • It’s twenty minutes away from Cortona

Basically you can reach many of the well-known places in Tuscany without being bothered by the chaos of the tourists or rip off.